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School Profile

Founded 1981
Diocese Catholic Diocese of Venice
Principal Mrs. Maria Niebuhr, M.Ed.
Faculty 17
Teacher Assistants 3
Administrative/Office Staff 7
Student/Faculty Ratio 1:12
Enrollment 1 class/grade, PreK3-8

The Highlights at SES

A+ accreditation from the Florida Catholic Conference since March 2010; re-accredited in 2017.

Teacher Certifications
All teachers hold a minimum bachelor’s degree and are certified by the State of Florida in their subject areas and/or grade level. Many staff have earned a master’s degree or higher.

Technology for Teaching and Learning
Students in grades 5 through 8 are assigned an iPad for their individual use. Homework and assignments are completed online for these students. In lower grades, each class has a set of iPads. Classrooms are equipped with TV sets that link to the instructor’s iPad.

Campus Security
Security cameras monitor the campus and all classroom doors remain locked throughout the day. The campus is fenced in and all gates are locked during the school day. Teachers vigilantly monitor students whenever outside the classrooms. There is controlled access to the main office and visitors must check in with the receptionist. All staff members and volunteers must be fingerprinted and complete Safe Environment Training through the Diocese of Venice.

Parent Involvement
We greatly value and appreciate our parents and all they contribute to the SES community. There are many opportunities throughout the year for families to meet their volunteer hour requirement.

Parish Involvement
St. Elizabeth Seton parishioners are very supportive of the school through their contributions to fundraising and participation in social activities.