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An atmosphere of faith and love.

Music & Band

SES nurtures the development of each student to achieve their spiritual, intellectual, physical and social potential. Catholic values matter!

Elementary General Music

General music is offered to all students, PreK3—4th grade two times a week. Students will learn about steady beat, rhythmic, and melodic aspects of music while being exposed to the music of many different eras and cultures through listening, singing, playing music, and musical games. Every class the students have the opportunity to utilize classroom instruments such as egg shakers, rhythm sticks, Orff Xylophones, and Boomwhackers.
In third grade, students will learn about rhythm and timbre through the use of bucket drums and start note reading with the recorder. Once students are in fourth grade, they will continue with the recorder and finish the year learning how to play the Ukulele.

Middle School General Music

Students in 8th grade take general music once a week. Students will learn about music in the world and music history through listening and playing music. Topics covered are music vocations, the history of the National Anthem, evolution of Pop music, musicals, opera, instruments of the orchestra, movie music, and much more. Students will have the opportunity to create their own music using apps like GarageBand as well as classroom instruments such as the ukulele, rhythm sticks, bucket drums, and xylophone.

Beginning Band

Beginning Band is taken by every student in 5th grade three times a week with one 20 minute small group lesson. Students have their choice of instrument between flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone, and percussion. In band, they are given the opportunity to play as a group, learning note reading, tone production, intonation, and the teamwork required to be a successful band. In small group lessons, the students are learning about instrument care, proper technique for their specific instrument, and how to properly practice. Students are given the opportunity to pass through the Band Karate Belts at their own pace, working towards the coveted Black Belt!

Concert Band

Concert Band is taken by every student in 6th and 7th grade and is an optional elective for 8th grade students. Concert Band rehearses twice weekly with students choosing from flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone, and percussion. In Concert Band, students are building on concepts learned in Beginning Band, with a greater focus on playing as a full ensemble. Students will continue to work through their Band Karate Belts at their own pace to ensure greater understanding of rhythmic and melodic concepts taught in band, always working towards their Black Belt!