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Developed through Rigorous Standards

Middle School Social Studies

SES nurtures the development of each student to achieve their spiritual, intellectual, physical and social potential. Catholic values matter!

Structure & Method

Students will learn the Social Studies concepts through lessons based on etext content, additional readings, daily presentations, discussions, differentiated instruction, multi-media, technology, projects, guest speakers, field trips, and group and individual work.

The interactive whiteboard is used daily to deliver information, to analyze information, and to view videos.

Students in Middle School Social Studies will study the social, cultural, and technological changes that have occurred in our World from Prehistory to the Present Day. There will be a focus on World Geography, the Beginnings of America, and the Civil War to the Present. An emphasis is placed on the foundation of different cultures, the structure of the American Government and Political Model, and our duty as citizens.

The foundation of different cultures, American Government and our duty as citizens.

Grade 6 World Explorer – World Geography – people, places, and cultures

Students will be able to understand, identify and compare World Cultures, World Geography, the study of Earth’s Physical Geography, and the Places that shape our world.

Grade 7 America History of Our Nation, American History – Prehistory to 1860s

Students will be able to understand, identify, describe, and explain the events from prehistory to the European explorers, Colonial America, the American Revolution, the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, the Founding Fathers, U.S. expansion, and the causes of the Civil War.

Grade 8 America History of Our Nation American History – 1860’s to Present Day

Students will be able to understand, identify, describe, and explain the events from the Civil War through contemporary events. Beginning with the Civil War and Reconstruction of the South, the mining and railroads in the West, Big Business and Organized Labor, U.S. Expansion overseas, World Wars I and II, and finishing in the Vietnam Era.