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Seton is a Blue Zones Certified School!

We are proud to announce that St. Elizabeth Seton has been certified as a Blue Zone (BZ) school!

Due to our efforts and focus on health, fitness and overall well-being, we are recognized as a school that promotes healthier living habits. We partner with NCH and others in making an ongoing commitment to improving quality of life for all those in our community (from the youngest to oldest) through the Blue Zones project.

Why Blue Zones? We chose to become involved in the Blue Zones Project because we wanted our students to make healthier eating choices and develop better fitness habits building a foundation for a lifetime of healthy living. As reflected in our statement of objectives, our goal is to nurture the development of each student to achieve their full potential in body, mind and spirit. The Blue Zones Project is in perfect alignment with our school’s mission and values. Students learn and grow in a supportive environment giving them the tools they need to become healthy, happy, productive citizens and leaders who give back to others in their community.

The “Seton 60” movement program came about in 2018 during a brainstorming session with our Blue Zone committee. “Seton 60” signifies that every person in our school community (students, staff, parents-guardians, etc.) makes the effort to move for a minimum of 60 minutes a day. The thought was that if everyone took ownership of moving more, our community would be a healthier-happier place.

The success of this program is evident through watching classroom teachers take students for walks as breaks, teachers leading classes on “scenic walks”, students choosing to move when given the opportunity to socialize or exercise, families exercising, teachers coming into the gym during breaks to exercise, and movement incorporated into lesson plans in classes which typically have no movement.

The concept is simple: Be personally responsible for moving more and build the habit of moving more at a young age. By keeping the “Seton 60” in mind, each person in our community is reminded of the ownership they have in their own health. Our adults have taken the responsibility as the role models…and our children have noticed!