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An atmosphere of faith and love.


SES nurtures the development of each student to achieve their spiritual, intellectual, physical and social potential. Catholic values matter!

PreK – 2nd grade

Primary age students are guided in developing a sharpened visual sense in order that they may “see” the world around them with greater care. This enables them to observe objects more personally. Students will learn to look for shapes and patterns. They will be introduced to basic art media and vocabulary, and the art elements of line and color. They will learn how to use basic art tools. Emphasis is on building the skills necessary for their art production. It is more focus on the “process” of making art. Students at this early stage are also given many opportunities to experiment with materials as part of the process.

3rd – 5th grade

The students will develop the skill of recognizing and producing art in both two and three-dimensional media. They will continue to expand their art vocabulary and learn what makes up the different art medias and techniques. They will learn how to use and care for the art materials needed for the creative process. Students will begin to learn about the elements of art and the principles of design. Knowing these concepts and their terminology will help them understand the different styles and forms of art and to use the appropriate vocabulary in class discussions. They will be introduced to the work of well-known artists and be able to recognize and discuss similarities and differences in these artists’ work of art.

6th – 8th grade

Students will begin to use their knowledge of media and techniques to create art from personal experience, observation, imagination, and themes. They will learn which materials are suitable for different media. They are expected to use materials in a responsible manner and understand
the importance of good craftsmanship in their work.

Students at the middle school level learn similarities and differences of art from various cultures and times. They will learn about selected artists’ lives and how their work was influenced by their experiences in their individual culture and time.

Students will reinforce their ability to use the elements of art and principles of design. They will be able to identify various elements and principles in their work and the work of other artists.

Digital devices such as the iPad will be used by students to research and explore ideas focusing on art and cross-curricula projects. Students art work can be enhanced through various apps, as well as shared on the Internet.