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Our precious little ones...

Middle School at

St. Elizabeth Seton

Our carefully curated team of teachers are there for our kids day in and day out. Academically, emotionally and spiritually developing our students is done with a care and understanding that is second to none. These are the heroes at SES.

We work together!

PK3 is a developmental, hands-on program. We learn by doing, interacting and talking about our new experiences in a caring, loving environment. This year we will help your child become more independent, learn their colors, shapes & numbers, introduce the letters of the alphabet, develop their large and fine motor skills and work on kind and loving relationships with their classmates. It is our pleasure to be able to spend a school year with your child. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Thank you for sharing your child with us!

Thank you for choosing SES.

Beginnings are exciting!

We are firm believers that parents and educators need to work together as a team to help our children become successful, life-long learners. Communication, organization, consistency and FAITH are the key.

What to bring to class:

  • Small blanket for rest time (blanket will go home on Fridays)
  • Nutritious snack (fruit, goldfish, cereal, bar….)
  • Water bottle
  • Lunch box – if not ordering

On the first day of school:

  • 1 folded sleeping mat for rest time (ex: Kindermat – not too large. Folded up it should be no more than 5 inches thick)
  • 1 plastic bag (with your child’s name on it) with a change of underwear, shorts, shirt and socks for possible accidents. This does not have to be a uniform.
Suggested summer activities before PK3:

Read! Read! Read!
Visit the libraries or bookstores for story times and read books every night at your house.

Potty training
Don’t stress!! Remember going to the potty is a control issue. Encourage! Remind! Celebrate! Teach your child to pull their underwear & shorts up and down all by themselves. Have them practice wiping themselves too! Teachers are there to supervise the bathroom.

Stress independence!!
Give them a simple chore (setting the table, picking up clothes or toys…) and LET THEM DO IT ALL BY THEMSELVES!! (no matter how long it takes or if it isn’t done perfectly)

Talk to them about everything. Ask questions. Encourage discussions. Take time to listen to their answers. Point out colors and shapes in the world around you. Teach them to follow directions. Ask them to do something and praise them when they complete it correctly. They need to be able to follow directions to succeed in school.

Relax, play and have fun!!